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We are dedicated to attaining the status of being a leading health service provider in the region practicing as a Centre of Excellence


To offer the most reliable and convenient place for the rural population of the Southern areas of Sri Lanka, where individuals can arrive at our centre and find solutions for various healthcare needs, while delivering the best possible practice for all visiting patients most effectively, with up to date knowledge in medical practice and facilitating world renowned technologies which provide optimal benefits to a patient's wellbeing.

Goals & Objectives

 To provide effective health and medical services in a safe, reliable and convenient way.
 To educate and train professionals and students especially in the health and associate fields.
 To establish a sense of social responsibility among the rural population
 To conduct research to contribute to the progress of people's health and medical services
 To establish linkages with governmental and non-governmental organizations, universities, research centre both local and overseas necessary to the pursuit of its goals.
 To establish an efficient, convenient and reliable healthcare system for the nation.
 To establish education and research programs liaising with education providers on both national and international levels.

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Nothing matters more than our children. At Holton Hospital, Walasmulla, we believe that kids deserve the best. Our belief drives everything we do. It defines our vision for the future and our mission for today.